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Mals-e Mtracker Affiliate Setup

Mals-ecommerce (or Mals-e) is a free, easy-to-use, nothing-to-install shopping cart with over 130,000 accounts online.
The other beauty of Mals-e is a built-in affiliate tracker called Mtracker. Mtracker provides basic functionality to log click-throughs from affiliate websites by potential customers and then register their order. Affiliate commissions are calculated automatically.
This tutorial will cover creating an account, setting up the affiliate program, adding banners and links, integrating with PayPal if needed, and verifying your settings by creating a "dummy" affiliate account, placing a "dummy" order and then allocating it to your affiliate.
There are 7 pages in the tutorial so you can go directly to the area you'd like to explore:

Create an account
Setup affiliate program (commission structure)
Add banners and buttons and create affiliate links
PayPal settings in the Mals-e cart
PayPal settings in PayPal
Create a "dummy" affiliate account
Create a "dummy" order and allocate to affiliate

To match the screen shots in the tutorial, please click the link in the bottom left hand corner of your Mals-e admin area that says "Switch to low resolution Admin"
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