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Mals-e Mtracker Affiliate Setup
Affiliate Program

To set up my affiliate program, click Setup program under the blue Set-up header

The screen will look like this:

I start filling in the blanks:

Program Name will be the name of your shop (typically)

Description will give the terms and commissions for your affiliate program
For example: 10% commission for sales, plus 2% for the sales from secondary affiliates

Url for more information about your program will list the complete url where your affiliate program is described:
For example: http://www.favoriteonlineshops.com/affiliates.html

Commissions paid:
Typical is Paid per sale

Pay the Primary affiliate:
either a fixed amount of or % of the sale (pay per sale programs only)
For example, you can pay someone $1 for each sale, or you could pay them 10% of each sale, but not both

Pay the Secondary affiliate:
This is if you want to have a 2-tier program.
Leave the secondary payment rates blank if you don't want to run a two tier program.

Enter all amounts as numbers; 2.00 not $2.00

Persistent cookies live for days: enter any number from 30 to 999

Then click the Update Program button