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Mals-e Mtracker Affiliate Setup
Banners, Buttons, and Text Links

Now we're going to add banners, buttons, and text links for the affiliates:

Go back to Admin Area,
Click Setup links under the blue Set-up header

Your screen will look like this:

In the first field, type your url WITHOUT the http://
For example, www.favoriteonlineshops.com
This is where the affiliate link will lead

Then click Update URL

Now, we're going to add a banner for our affiliates to use.

Right under Image Link,
In the URL field, type the url of the banner that you want to upload:
For example: http://www.favoriteonlineshops.com/files/
Height: this one is 60
Width: this one is 468
Alt text: Can leave blank or use your shop name (Favorite Online Shops)

Then click the New Link button that is under the Text Link box

Now my screen updates to this:

For another banner or button, do the same thing:
URL: http://www.favoriteonlineshops.com/files/
Height: 125
Width: 125
Alt text: Favorite Online Shops

Click the New Link button under the Text Link box

For a Text link, type the text in the box under Text Link:

My example: Favorite Online Shops - Welcome to our charming small town. Enjoy the day by strolling down our town streets, visit the shops you see along the way, peer in the windows to see all the fine goodies and gifts they have for you. Stop in and chat with the shop owners - they love to see new, smiling faces. Feel free to pamper yourself or someone special.

I want the words Favorite Online Shops to be clickable, so I will put {a} and {/a} around
them like this:

{a} Favorite Online Shops{/a}

Click the New Link button under the Text Link box

So now your screen should like this at the bottom:

You can add as many banners, buttons, and text links as you'd like