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Mals-e Mtracker Affiliate Setup
PayPal Settings in the Mals-e Cart

We're almost done !! Now back in the Admin Area,
Click Help under the blue Set-up header

The screen will look like this:

In the first line which reads "You can set-up the standard shopping cart which is linked to this account, C5153393, in the cart set-up section. Click here"
Click the Click here link

This takes you to the Affiliate Program screen for the Shopping cart
The screen will look like this:


Click the box by "Tracking by mTracker"

Then click the Update Record button at the bottom of the page

Just a few more items to tidy up, and then we'll try it out.

If you use PayPal, you need to make sure there are some settings marked correctly or the affiliate sales won't show.

From the Admin Area, click Cart setup

Under Payments (in the second column near the bottom), click PayPal

There's a part of the screen that looks like this:

The button next to "return the customer back to the cart. See the notes below..." should be checked.

This will make sure your affiliate gets credit for their sale.