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Mals-e Mtracker Affiliate Setup
Testing the Affiliate Account

I'm going to join my dummy affiliate program now and then log in to the Admin Area and set my affiliate to Active status.

My affiliate will join here:

So now I will log in and see my new affiliate

Back to the Admin Area, under Mtracker Lite,
Click List Affiliates

The screen will look like this:

You can see the status of the affiliate is New. This needs to be changed
to Active or the sales will not credit.

Click on the affiliate id (10354 in this case)

The screen will look like this:
Click the dropdown button by New, select Active, then click the Change button

You can also delete affiliates there as well

If you have a 2-tier program, you can use the secondary affiliate field in the bottom part of the screen:
You can doublecheck who referred the affiliate, or you can assign a new affiliate to an "upline" if you want.