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Mals-e Mtracker Affiliate Setup
Testing the Order and Allocation

I'll now try a dummy order to make sure that my affiliate gets credit for the sale.

I've logged into my affiliate program using the dummy account I just created.

My login was http://ww10.aitsafe.com/mtracker
Enter your affiliate id and password that you received in an email when you created your dummy account

Then click Get Links to get your affiliate link
It will look like this:

Copy and paste the affiliate link in your browser so you go to your shop

Then create a dummy order (that you can delete later)

Now go to the Admin Area, under Mtracker Lite, click on List all current transactions

The screen will look like this:

So the sale is shown, the affiliate id (10354), the commission (0.99)  which is 10% of 9.99

The sale then needs to be allocated to the affiliate so they will be able to see it.

Click on the order id (40931)

The screen will look like this:

Click the Allocate this transaction box

Then click the Update record

Later when you're ready to make payments to affiliates, click List Allocated Transactions, and the Process Now button. This will mark the orders are paid.

You've finished the complete setup !! Best of luck to you !!